Our process

Our comprehensive six steps that ensures a perfectly crafted service for your business.

Step one

Initial brief

We collect the relevant requirements, have our experts look into it and decide the timeline, budget and technology stacks.

Step two


You need subject matter experts (SMEs) to plan out the scope of the project. Our in-house SMEs having years of experience in IT industry will do it for you right according to your needs. Let us take care and plan things out for you.

Step three

Design phase

We don't design but craft.. your product is crafted from the requirement specifications which were collected by our SMEs. We transform your idea to a real working system by defining the overall in defining overall system architecture.

Step four

Development phase

We break all of it in to modules/units and actually start coding. We follow the famous scrum methodology so you're aware of your product's status after every sprint that's either weekly or biweekly. We don't want you to wait for it for long because we know you're excited for it!

Step five


Here we are.. the most awaited part!! We're ready to deliver the product when the development and testing is finished and of course when you're happy with it's value.

Step six

Care & Optimize

After successfully delivering the project, all that’s left is to maintain it, & who could do it better than the ones who developed it? 😀

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